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Business Bay

Business Bay, a dynamic district in the heart of Dubai, epitomizes the city's cosmopolitan charm and economic vitality. Spanning across 80 million square feet, this thriving business hub is a mesmerizing blend of sleek skyscrapers, world-class offices, and an array of upscale residences. Nestled along the Dubai Water Canal, Business Bay not only offers a strategic location but also stunning waterfront views, contributing to its allure. Renowned for its modern architecture, Business Bay serves as a pivotal commercial and residential destination, hosting a multitude of businesses, retail establishments, and dining options. With a strategic location near Downtown Dubai, it provides seamless connectivity to key areas in the city. As a symbol of Dubai's economic prowess, Business Bay stands as a testament to innovation, progress, and the city's unwavering commitment to being a global business and lifestyle destination.

Properties In Business Bay


  • Apartment

📍Business Bay

Bugatti Residences

World's First Ever Bugatti Residences

AED 19,000,000/-



  • Apartment

📍Business Bay

One River Point

High End Apartments in Business Bay

AED 1,482,828

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