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Dubai has a lot to offer in the real estate space. Besides, apartments, villas and mansions; incredible townhouses have made their way to investors and potential buyers looking for a magnificent home. Townhouses are gaining immense popularity by the day for evident reasons like – enhanced privacy, polished lifestyle, high standard of living and remarkable convenience.

A larger living space with a quaint atmosphere, amidst the lush greenery and shimmering sands; a townhouse is a place where your mind can wander unceasingly and dreams turn into reality.

Townhouses for Sale in Dubai: Finding the Perfect Home

Dubai townhouses are appealing on many levels. With every passing year, they are becoming increasingly popular and are ideally a first step to a villa life. If you are currently living in an awe-inspiring apartment, moving to a townhouse will be a good change.

Living in a townhouse is also exceedingly impressive because of the widespread amenities, high-end security and just the required privacy. The generous plot size gated communities are built to provide dream-like luxury and comfort; especially for larger families.

A townhouse is built to provide the same experience like a villa, without costing that much. There is a sudden spike in the availability of townhouses for sale in Dubai; much credit to people wanting a luxury living.

Ideal Locations of Best Townhouses for Sale in Dubai

Owning a townhouse is certainly an unmatched experience and the exotic locations make it even better. Amongst the many commonalities between townhouses and luxury villas; one major differentiator is that the latter comes with sharing a communal wall with the neighborhood dwelling. And therefore, the location plays a pivotal role in justifying the exquisiteness.

Dubai certainly has a fair share of premium villas, but townhouses have emerged with a strong set of advantages. As per our real estate specialists, ideal locations of best townhouses for sale in Dubai are  Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai South, Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Dubai Hills Estate, Arabian Ranches and Jumeirah Golf Estates.

Types of Townhouses in Dubai

Townhouses are multi-storey units available in different types. They are designed to suit multiple tastes and fit in different ‘home requirements’.

  • The Arabic townhouse is the most popular one and is built with magnificence,  spacious rooms, large-sized windows, domed ceilings and a sumptuous style. These spaces are also embellished with huge chandeliers and some traditional finishes.
  • The Mediterranean townhouse is a great combination of Italian and Spanish designs reflecting incredible grandiosity. They are built with a clean, classy and elegant touch. A perfect timeless beauty.
  • The Contemporary townhouse refers to evolving architectural styles and a minimalistic design. It is a classic example of a modern-day home with major emphasis on sustainability.
  • The Spanish townhouses are widely popular but undoubtedly a rare pick. They are built with wooden-beam roofs, thick walls and small windows. They are designed with simplicity and some Spanish-style prominent features.

How to find the best Townhouses for sale in Dubai

If you are looking to buy the best townhouse for sale in Dubai, here are some aspects you must look into.

  • Locality
  • Space
  • Cost
  • Amenities
  • Return on investment
  • Style/design

How to Buy a Townhouse in Dubai?

The process of buying a townhouse in Dubai is absolutely uncomplicated. As an investor, you have the option of buying it from the seller directly or getting an off-plan townhouse from the developer. To do so, some of the documents required are – passport, no objection certificate (NOC) and memorandum of understanding along with the necessary fees.

Get in touch with our experts to know the detailed procedure.

Freehold vs. Leasehold Property in Dubai

The difference between leasehold and freehold property in Dubai ideally surrounds the buyers rights.

The freehold ownership enables complete entitlement of the property and the land to the buyer. There can be no proceedings without the owner’s will. In the case of a leasehold ownership, the property rights are only given for a maximum of 99 years. Also, the property’s land will not be owned by the buyer. Post the fixed term, the ultimate ownership will be given to the freeholder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Townhouse in Dubai?

The best townhouses in Dubai are Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai South, Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Dubai Hills Estate, Arabian Ranches and Jumeirah Golf Estates.

Is it worth buying a House in Dubai?

Buying a house in Dubai is absolutely worth it. It guarantees high return on investment (ROI) for investors and buyers along with great rental returns.

Is Buying a Townhouse in Dubai Cheap?

Buying a townhouse in Dubai is cheaper than a villa with the same convenience and standard of living. So definitely, it’s a great real estate investment.

What is the difference between Villa and Townhouse?

The biggest difference between a villa and townhouse is that villas are independent houses with no common land. Whereas townhouses have shared walls with neighborhoods.