Blue Horizon Villas

Blue Horizon Villas at Palm Jebel Ali



AED 19,000,000/-









Q4 2027

Riyaz Merchant

Chief Negotiator

Speaks English,Hindi,Gujarati


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About Blue Horizon Villas

Nestled within a distinctive layout is a residence that transcends the ordinary—a sanctuary where architectural marvels and nature's grandeur converge. The centerpiece of this exceptional abode is a dramatic feature staircase, an artistic expression that beckons residents to ascend into a realm of luxury and tranquility.

Each day unveils a serene panorama of the blue horizon, fostering a lifestyle immersed in calmness and sensory richness. Through expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, the elements seamlessly merge, creating a symphony of nature that unfolds in perfect harmony. Special arabesque screens, framing the waterfront views, offer an immersive experience, allowing occupants to feel the embrace of the sky and water—an invitation to become part of something infinite.

The property's essence lies in the seamless fusion of comfort and luxury. Stunning open-plan living spaces showcase a dining room surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, providing a constant connection to the surrounding beauty. The first floor unveils a private family lounge, while a flexible rooftop terrace amplifies the abundance of lounge spaces. Each area is adorned with statement design details, offering sea views and expansive outdoor spaces—a testament to the meticulous thought put into every aspect of the home's design.

Palm Jebel Ali

To Dubai Marina
20 Mins
Sheikh Zayed Rd
To Dubai INT Airport
60 Mins
To Burj Khalifa
40 Mins

Palm Jebel Ali, one of Dubai's iconic palm-shaped developments, stands as a testament to the city's innovative architectural landscape. This man-made island, located off the coast, boasts a unique palm-tree design with intricate fronds, creating a stunning visual spectacle. Planned to be a self-contained community, Palm Jebel Ali promises a blend of luxurious residences, entertainment options, and commercial spaces. As an extension of the renowned Palm Jumeirah, this ambitious project is set to redefine waterfront living in Dubai. Residents and visitors can anticipate unparalleled views, pristine beaches, and a lifestyle infused with opulence. Palm Jebel Ali encapsulates Dubai's commitment to pushing boundaries in urban planning and design, offering a distinctive haven in the heart of the Arabian Gulf.

MORE ABOUT Blue Horizon Villas

As one steps into this spectacular residence, a framed view of the seafront unfolds, setting the stage for a truly immersive experience. The home maximizes its spectacular setting, creating an inviting and uplifting atmosphere. Natural influences are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the design, fostering a connection between the interior and the external environment.

Beyond the aesthetic allure, this residence prioritizes a harmonious coexistence with its surroundings. It invites residents to bask in the elements, fostering a lifestyle where luxury is not just an indulgence but an intrinsic part of everyday living. The innovative architecture, coupled with the awe-inspiring sea views, crafts a haven that transcends mere living space—a place where every corner resonates with a sense of belonging, tranquility, and a connection to the infinite beauty that surrounds it.

Blue Horizon Villas Amenities

Private Beach

Private Pool

Private Garden

Waterfront Living

Play Areas

Hotels & Restaurants


Shopping Malls

Entertainment Venues

Blue Horizon VillasFLOOR PLANS

Nakheel, a prominent real estate developer, stands as a key player in shaping Dubai's iconic skyline and redefining the city's landscape. Renowned for its innovative and ambitious projects, Nakheel has contributed significantly to Dubai's transformation into a global hub. With a diverse portfolio ranging from iconic palm-shaped islands, such as the Palm Jumeirah, to vibrant waterfront communities and commercial developments, Nakheel's influence extends across residential, retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors. The company's commitment to excellence, sustainability, and creating distinctive living experiences underscores its pivotal role in shaping the city's future. As a trailblazer in the real estate industry, Nakheel continues to shape Dubai's identity, emphasizing visionary urban planning and a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for its residents and visitors.


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